Scandinavian End of Summer


Scandinavia End of Summer

Hey! Hiye! as they say in Sweden and Norway. I’m back with 2016’s summer trip to Sweden and Norway. So stay tuned for my best packing list ever (Nike Frees always a must), itineraries for Stockholm and Norway, Stockholm Style, and more.

My Word! Hydrate.

lemonwater  stylemarm

Hydrate.  With a capital H, and I learned the hard way a week ago. I admit to you: I’m not so crazy about water. I’ve never, ever been one of those water-in-a-pimped-out water bottle kind of gals. I always liked…

The Bad Ass List

Bad Ass  fashion list feb 2015 stylemarm

It’s still winter people! Don’t stampede into spring boho-chic, prints and platforms yet. (But I can’t wait!)

Moving On. The Winter 2015 Bad Ass List is here! —Some fantasy-items that would just make your life better– even dreaming about them. My Bad Ass Lists are living and breathing collections that stay in my memory, but play in my mind’s eye every now and then. Bad Ass items inspire me to hunt down their much cheaper knock-offs, or to put a couple of pieces and an accessory together in a better way. They’re also great guide posts for sound, tasteful, but interesting style.

Some Bad Ass items get the axe; others will always be there, and new Bad Ass items are especially fun. So . . I know you have a Bad Ass List too. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

Bad Ass List of February 2015

1. Helmut Lang Leather Jacket. Next to Rick Owens, Helmut Lang leather jackets are peerless. They do zippers and drape so well. You’ll be glad that you have it; you’ll wear it all of the time in all seasons and you’ll  be embarrassed by the amount of compliments you’ll inspire. Helmut Lang Leather Jacket.

2. Dress–  OK– we’re dreaming here on the Bad Ass List. So– dream big for a dress by the divine Erdem. You’ll be moving through space and time in a work of art so promise me you won’t eat in it. Dress by Erdem.

3. Helmut Lang Fur and Leather Vest  Yeah. I know there is a lot of Helmut Lang on this list.Now this is the last place I’ve been able to hunt this one down. And it absolutely gives anyone that Down Town, Smudgy, Edgy Hip Factor. I never, ever get tired of Mr. Lang’s signature asymmetry. Fur and Leather Vest.

4. Pants- The totalitarian denim regime of the Skinny Jean is being overthrown. The Stick Leg is dead; long live the Wider, Freer Pant! Women with Real Thighs unite. 1,000 thanks to the Flare Jean Rebellion for recent palace coups. Just in time for 2015’s Spring of Love and Hippie Chic.  Gucci Black or White Flares

5. Mink Poncho!  Well; I’m speechless. A mink poncho is unspeakably cool and is not at all the cliche that the cashmere ponchos we know and love are becoming. The poncho is design-genius. Simple. Effective. Comfortable. But in mink . . . Holy Holly Golightly . . .   See this Mink Poncho.

6. Theory Sweater. Still cold? Me too. A Theory sweater will warm you up and fall perfectly over your wax-coated skinnies or your leather leggings. It screams I’m a Minimalist so I’m Chic! at the top of its white, black, or grey cashmere lungs.  Theory Sweater.
7. Goyard Tote  I admit that the Goyard Tote has passed its prime since I see too many young 20’s tossing their lululemon tunics into their Goyard totes as they leave a barre-pilates class. But I still want one! Call Barney’s to get your Goyard Tote if you don’t live in New York or another metropolis.

8. Handbag– Did you know that top-shelf handbags are functional fine art? And, that they are sound investments with long-term return potential? Now you. Call your stockbroker to sell some shares. This is Celine, or the Mini Luggage Handbag,  and she is going to knock the breathe out of you. Her old-school design is somehow modern as done only by Celine, and the color designs are well . . .transformative.  (I don’t feel guilty by taking you to a place you’ve never been before; if you hadn’t, it was high time. The lights are now on baby ) Celine Handbag.
9. Flat booties. Utility at its best in mid-winter. And, since the Great, Glorious Boot Revolution of 2010 I just can’t face wearing flats in winter; my feet just get too cold without their boots. (or Uggs). Some reeeeely nice flat booties just class up your skinny jeans and cargo pants. And if you have Alexa Chung-thin legs, I’m sure you’re wearing them with black tights and a leather skater skirt too. See Flat Booties by Reed Krakoff