Girls’ Get Aways!

Do you sigh and smile like I do when you think of your daughter? Mine  is almost 24. I am 52. We are at a place of mutual adoration, but we hiked some mountains to get here.  I christened her HRH at age 16; she has since moved on to Gracious-Hardworking-Totally Kick Ass. )  HRH’sgirlhood was an easy tomboyhood filled with energy, smiles, athletics, then dance. Middle School Madness was a roller coaster of mini drama-bouts. Then HIgh School was an Ice Age of communication and emotion, kind of like living in North Viet Nam with no internet. College became friendly, and I earned  Acceptable Mom Clearance.

She even told me that she realized I was right and knew everything when she was 19. I waited 19 years for that. 

Transition to Real Life from University Utopia was a bee-yatch, but she snapped into Reality Bites and working full time , and being poor in New -York in a few months. Then we started having Real Conversations, and they just keep coming.  So I want to take her on a Mother Daughter getaway and have her all to myself. Join us?

January, or Dryuary is well over and it is time for a Mother-Daughter Getaway to beat the Winter Blues.  Here are some suggestions from friends and family.

Bikini Boot Camp. Tulum, Mexico. Great name, huh? My friend Amy and her daughter Emma did this the first week in January and loved it. Bikini Boot Camp is an all-inclusive vacation including lodging, food, and regular, scheduled exercise and yoga options. Amy loved getting up first thing and practicing yoga to the sunrise.  The food is all fresh, additive and gluten free and served to you family style.  Get your Mind Body Connection jumpstarted at Bikini Boot Camp.

Canyon Ranch. Tucson, Arizona. This is the gold standard for spa and nutrition stays. I did this a couple of years ago with two girlfriends and I can’t wait to take my 23 year old daughter. There were scads of mother-daughters doing the Canyon Ranch Routine: eating small portions of superior, clean food, taking work out classes, going hiking, going to health seminars, and having spa services.  I learned so much at Canyon Ranch about nutrition, physiology, and of course portion control and cooking.   It is a Dry Resort, but we didn’t miss drinking due to CR’s delightful mocktails. (Well. Yes we did. ) High Points:  hiking in the Tucson mountains, lunch time cooking classes with Chef, nightly massage.  Be sure to call and ask directly about deals and specials and spa allowances; there are always a few doing.

Skiing in Vail, Colorado.  Vail is primo for its snow, skiing variety, and easy transportation. Flights to Denver are plentiful and direct from most places and the drive to Vail is a cinch via rental car or the Colorado Mountain Express.  I met my ski buddy Judy in Vail for a few years because of this. We like to stay at the Vail Cascade, which is reasonably priced for Vail and has a spa and work out facility attached. There are other, even more high end options in Vail or Beaver Creek.

Palm Springs, California.  Get out to the sunny desert in Palm Springs.  Palm Spring has several resorts, and its midcentury houses are a great drive-by diversion.  Did you know you can hike the hills and desert trails in Palm Springs? That would be my pick. The shopping  is also excellent. Tennis, anyone? I stayed at La Quinta, which is the primo tennis and spa weekend resort.  La Quinta has been around for generations and its Spanish colonial adobe architecture and gardens are outstanding.  It is a full blown tennis club offering the best pros, lessons, and clinics. (I am mentally planning a tennis team trip here.) Capital T for Tasteful,  The Riviera is at Starwood property with a full spa, tennis courts, pool, fitness center and awesome, reasonable rooms.

London, Paris, or Rome Off Season.  Cheerio! Bonjour! Bongiorno! Get some Culture, and great food and drink, and shopping in a world city. The best deals going are from British Airways. They offer packages of air fare and hotels; remember to pick a hotel that provides a complimentary breakfast. And see if there is also free afternoon tea or evening wine or aperitif.  We went to London on a BA package years ago; it was perfect. I’m happy to see they are offering the same packages now because I’m dying to take HRH to Paris.

Puerto Rico, Isla de Vieques.  Calling all Beach Babes! And East Coast Girls– the travel is just as easy as going to Cancun. The W Resort and Spa is calling your name: margaritas or mojitos served to you on the beach and a massage later. For you  Boutique Hotel Ladies the Hacienda Tamarindo offers just 17 rooms with a killer breakfast and all manner of spa services.

Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is not an international trip, BTW. There are now flights into Santa Fe, but flying into Albuquerque, New Mexico and driving 50 minutes to Santa Fe remains an option.  Santa Fe feels like a different country with an architecture and cuisine dominated by Spanish Colonial and Native American cultures.  The town center boasts adobe building from the 1600’s.  The food scene is unspeakably good: Inn of the Anasazi, Cafe Pasquale, and more.  Santa Fe has the best concentration of fine arts in a spectacular mountain setting. Museums: the Georgia O’Keefe, the Santa Fe Museum of Fine Art, the Folk Art Museum and more. Performing Arts: The Santa Fe Opera in the summer, music, dance, and more. The visual art scene of its world famous galleries has been around for decades. And, the Japanese spa 10,000 Waves offers spa services in traditional, Japanese style.