Travel Marm’s Packing List

Travel Marm Packing Essentials

So you’re going on a trip? Fantastic! Nothing is more exciting than breaking out your suitcase, travel tote or backpack, and those smaller sized ziplock bags! This 100% Pure zippered pouch comes with awesome, organic facial products.

Don’t Leave Home Without It

I have bought the items below multiple times because I haven’t packed them, but now I’m armed and ready to go. So Don’t Leave Home Without:

Ziplock bags. Small size. Somehow they disappear like socks in the dryer. You can never have enough.

Converters. A few to several of the cheap, #3 kind.  You will need them for your phone charger, laptop and/or tablet chargers. And– hair styling tools!

Phone Car Charger. Thanks, Wendy, for reminding me of this! The best way to keep up battery while on the road.

Wine Bottle Opener. Hotels will not supply these. Be sure to put it in checked luggage; you can’t carry them on a flight.

Plastic Water Bottle with a top. This makes me force hydration, and in many countries buying plastic water bottles is $$.

Umbrella. Small.

Light Rain Coat.

Ear Plugs. Get as much sleep as you can. My last hotel in northern Italy was on the village square next to the clanging bells of a  baroque church. At 7 AM.

Nail tools. Being desperate for a nail file or a nail clipper ruins an afternoon, so bring them.

Bandaids. For blisters.

Neo Sporin ointment. For blisters and any other scrape that could become infected.

Tylenol or Ibuprofen. 

Sunscreen.  Even on urban, city trips you will be outside longer than you normally are.

Copies of passport or driver’s license.  Put these in a suitcase and separate from the real documents in case of theft or loss.

International Driver’s License. Make sure you do the easy, quick process to get it or you can’t pick up your rental car outside of the USA.